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Digital video borescope with illumination, the SV-1000 . The small, water- resistant chip-on-tip inspection camera measures only 1.6 mm diam. and features an integrated LED light for illumination within the 1.9-meter flexible shaft. The new 1 mm x 1 mm CMOS sensor provides 400 x 400 pixel resolution with a 120-degree field-of-view (FOV) lens. The SV-1000 is a two piece system comprising the flexible shaft inspection camera and separate compact camera control unit that includes electrical connections, video outputs, and LED light control. Toshiba Imaging’s innovative digital video borescope inspection system does not require a PC c onnection for use. It has dual outputs (HDMI and USB 3.0) that allow simultaneous viewing from a display and through a computer for capturi ng still images and video clips. PC- based image-viewing software fo r display and image/video capt ure is also available. The new SV-1000 illuminated borescope is ideal fo r industrial equipment inspection applications including aircra ft engines and turbines, casti ngs, tubing, tool and die, electronics assemblies, and other industrial tasks where space is limited. The SV1000 is not for use in medical instrument and surgical device inspection application